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As well as doing my Online Content Editor duties for AM740 and Classical96.3FM, I worked alongside my pal Rea McNamara, whose main focus was Zoomermedia’s social network site, Although our demographic was the 45+ ‘Zoomer’ crowd, Rea and I liked to get a little wacky and create viral content for the rest of the Internets to enjoy (traffic plz). Most of this went over the Zoomer crowd’s head, but they surprisingly enjoyed it nonetheless! One way to do this was with GIFs. Everyone loves GIFs. If your parents/grandparents have suddenly started talking about these ‘moving pictures’  that have been causing them a seizure on the Internet Explorer, now you know why. These were created to promote relevant contests, radio events, Zoomer mag appearances or even just Zoomer-friendly current events. Here are a few (lots more if you click through):

Mick Jagger’s 68th: GIFs Without Commentary – Celebrating Mick Jagger’s birthday with a Jagger/Bowie bum wiggle GIF? Sure, why not.

Ontario Election 2011: 30 #ONdb8 Animated GIFs Without Commentary - Going through provincial election debate footage frame-by-frame, you really get to experience the creepy facial gestures and excessive hand gestures of politicians. Glad this got through to one of the ‘Zoomers’:

He’s One! Zoomer Magazine Cover Boy Jeff Bridges’ Animated GIF Wall – a GIF WALL (I think that one was Rea’s idea) to mark Jeff Bridges’ appearance on the cover of Zoomer Magazine. Once again, a Zoomer delivers:

Harper’s Murdoch Mysteries Cameo: GIFs Without Commentary – sometimes things just happen that need to be captured in GIF-form forever. One of these moments was Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s appearance on the CBC show, Murdoch Mysteries – yes, this man leads the country. It was, of course, incredibly cringe-worthy and awkward. If the GIFs don’t give it away, see his “acting” for yourself!

Bill Cosby’s 74th: GIFs Without Commentary – What more could Bill want for his 74th then Cosby Show GIFs? What a guy.

Glenn Gould: Animated GIFsGlenn Gould is no doubt one of Canada’s finest and most celebrated pianists… but he’s also probably one of the most peculiar. What better way to capture his eccentricities (and his fast fingers, of course) then in GIF form?

ideacity11: Cameron Carpenter (in GIFs) – They call him the ‘bad boy of the organ’. Not sure if sparkly shoes and a Berlin loft qualify as bad boy qualities, but there’s no doubt he’s caused a stir in the organ world … seeing as I can’t name any other organist. I was lucky enough to see Cameron perform at ideacity11 (“Canada’s Premier Meeting of the Minds”, produced by Moses Znaimer) – and those toes sure can tap (see for yourself).

Royal Wedding 2011: Gifs Without Commentary – I got up at something silly like 4AM to watch the Royal Wedding and LIVE GIF’d it (!!), thanks to the power of Cmd+Shift+3. These are a few of my favourites: the angelic blink of the choir boy, Harry nodding off, and Charles looking for mummy.


Oprah’s Farewell: GIFs Without Commentary – Goodbye Oprah, we’ll always remember your body shakes and telling glances.

Don’t worry Amelia, you’ll always have these GIFs.

Election 2011: 22 #db8 Animated Gifs Without Commentary – These ones have got to be my favourite, not so much for Harper‘s creepy kisses, Ignatieff‘s untamable brows, Duceppe‘s incessant stare or even Layton‘s beautiful, beautiful smile. No. It was when some amazing users on the SomethingAwful forum somehow got ahold of these GIFs and made them 10x better (must post them all)